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Strand Hotel – Dover Hotel (12004 127 Ave – nee 123 Street & 129 Ave)

The Strand Hotel, now known as the Dover, was originally built at 123 Street and 129 Ave in 1912 and boasted some of the finest hotel amenities available (for those in an area lacking many basic services, at least). By 1927, its owners felt the location was not working out and lifted and moved the Strand to its current location. In 1951 it would be renamed the Dover. Check out Lawrence Herzog’s article on the Calder area for more information on the Strand Hotel and Calder.

Circa 1936-1945  (“New” 127th Ave Location – Looking Northwest)

A13742 - Strand Hotel, Edmonton. 12704 - 120 Street - ca 1936-1945

Google Streetview (“New” 127th Ave Location – Looking Northwest)

Note that although the exterior has been whitewashed and added to, the windows are still in their distinctive spots on the walls.


1919 (Original 129th Ave Location – Looking Southwest)

nc-6-5457 - Strand Hotel, Calder district, Edmonton, Alberta. - 129 Ave - 1919

Google Streetview (Original 129th Ave Location – Looking Southwest)

Strand Hotel Now

1914 Fire Insurance Map & Google Earth (Showing 129 Ave Location)


1914 Henderson Directory Occupants & Workers

Click here to see Henderson Directory entries showing who lived and worked at the Strand in 1914.

Newspaper Clippings