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Fraser Ave (Old 98 Street): Between Jasper and 102 Aves on the North Side


This area was an early government and business core in Edmonton. It’s most notable buildings were Edmonton’s first Fire Hall and Police Headquarters (RCMP posts notwithstanding). The Fire Hall also served as Edmonton’s first Town Hall and has been reconstructed in Fort Edmonton Park.


Above: Edmonton’s Fire Hall and Police Headquarters in the 1910s and again in 1956. Today this area is a ramp that leads to Canada Place’s underground parking.

James A. Powell Building - Watermarked

Above: James A. Powell’s Implement Company building at the corner of old 98th street and 101a ave in the 1910s.

Above: St. Elmo’s Hotel was built in 1905 and is pictured here in 1911.

Above: Edmonton Shoeing Shop Carriage and Wagon Works, owned and operated by D.G. Latta and Lyons (later of Lyons Motors Edmonton Ltd.), situated next to St. Elmo’s Hotel at 132 Fraser Ave in about 1905. Today this area is part of the eastern end of the Citadel Theatre.

Below: An interior view of the Shoeing Shop in 1908.