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Jasper Avenue East: 1890s & 2010s

Looking east on Jasper avenue a lot has changed in the last century or so. The first scene we have is how Edmontonians today see history at Fort Edmonton Park. It really isn’t so different from the reality of the 1890s. The reality of the 1890s, though, is very different from the 2010s!

1885 Street at Fort Edmonton Park



Edmonton 1914 - P26 - Watermarked

The Ross Bros Hardware Store provides a great reference point for placing the below image. Based upon the EdHGIS overlay it appears that the Ross Bros store was where the reconstructed Alberta Hotel’s west courtyard is now situated. The second¬†Google Streetview below¬†comes roughly from the same viewpoint as the 1890s photo. Much has changed!

Google Streetview


EdHGIS: Fire Insurance Map & Google Earth Imagery