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2nd Perron Street Bridge (Built 1876)

The following text come from Alberta OnRecord: Image shows the second bridge over the Sturgeon River, built in 1876 to replace the first bridge built by Albert Lacombe, OMI in 1862. The reconstruction cost $700.00 and was done by M. Majeau and Harnois. A toll was charged for horses and vehicles. The bridge was purchased by the government for $300.00 in 1886 and replaced by the steel bridge in 1913. Pelletier’s house and workshops can be seen in the background, far left.

Circa 1900 (Looking East)


Circa 1900s (Looking North)

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3rd Perron Street Bridge – St. Albert

This version of the Perron Street bridge was constructed in 1913. Read more about it here.

July 1927 (Looking North)


Google Streetview


July 1927 (Looking South)

This image shows the bridge, the old St. Albert Inn and the length of Perron Street.

nc-6-12039o - Ceremony at St. Albert, Alberta - July 1927

Google Streetview

nc-6-12039o - Ceremony at St. Albert, Alberta - July 1927 - Now