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Borden Park Midway: Roller Coaster

I doubt Fort Edmonton Park could find the space for a wooden roller coaster but it sure would be cool (and historically accurate)! The roller coaster at Borden Park (AKA: East End City Park and Exhibition Park) was built in 1915 by the Lynn Welcher Construction Co of New York and dismantled in 1935. You can read more about the roller coaster and midway at Coaster Enthusiasts of Canada.

Circa 1915 (Looking Northeast)

na-1328-66561 - Switchback, Edmonton Exhibition grounds, Edmonton, Alberta. - ca 1915

1919 (Looking Southeast)

The images below show the placement of the long lost roller coasterĀ of the Edmonton Exposition Grounds and Borden Park.

na-1328-66565 - Edmonton Exhibition grounds, Edmonton, Alberta. - ca 1914-1918 (Annotated)

EdHGIS: 1914 Fire Insurance Maps & Google Earth Imagery

na-1328-66565 - Edmonton Exhibition grounds, Edmonton, Alberta. - Map (Annotated)

May 1920 (Looking East)

nc-6-11697 - Elks Day, Edmonton, Alberta. - May 1925

March 1926 (Looking South)

Fire at the ” Old Mill” – apparently things got too hot in this “tunnel of love”…

nc-6-11825e - Fire at old mill, Edmonton, Alberta. - March 1926

1933 (Looking North)

nd-3-6383e - Edmonton Journal, Learn to Swim competition, Edmonton, Alberta. - 1933

Newspaper Clippings

Ar00710 - Roller Coaster To Be Built - The Edmonton Bulletin, April 8, 1915, Page 7, Item Ar00710

Work Begins - The Edmonton Bulletin, May 7, 1915, Page 7, Item Ar00707

Ad00207_4 - Advertisement - The Edmonton Bulletin, August 9, 1915, Page 2, Item Ad00207_4

Ar01711 - Roller Coaster Opens - The Edmonton Bulletin, May 15, 1920 (CITY EDITION), Page 17, Item Ar01711