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Fire Hall – Edmonton Exhibition Grounds

This is a fire hall I doubt that very few people (living today) have ever seen. This fire hall was dedicated to the protection of the Edmonton Exhibition Grounds. Interestingly it was made of wood and right next to another wooden building that was (apparently) stuffed with fire works (see the map below). I am really not sure how useful it would have been if that building, one of the largest sources of risk on the grounds, had exploded…

1912 (Looking Northeast)

Here we see the fire hall with the poultry building in the background.

na-1328-78 - Fire department at Edmonton Exhibition, Edmonton, Alberta. - 1912

na-1328-63592 - Harness racing at Edmonton Exhibition, Edmonton, Alberta. - annotated for fire hall - August 1912

EdHGIS: 1914 Fire Insurance Maps & Google Earth Imagery

na-1328-78 - Fire department at Edmonton Exhibition, Edmonton, Alberta. - Map

West Edmonton Fire Hall & Jail (es 123 Street, North of 129 Ave)

The West Edmonton Fire Hall served its original function for only a few years before it was converted to a parish hall for the nearby Church of the Good Shepherd (12947 123 Street). The following text comes from their website (via Brent Welch of Historic Edmonton and Northern Alberta):

“The W.A. purchased the Calder fire hall and jail from the City of Edmonton. The building was moved from across the corner to the Church property (south lot), May 1921. While the hall was in still rough shape the ladies held a bazaar and raised $300. So, in two months the purchase and moving of the hall were completely paid for. With willing workers and hours of labor, the jail and fire hall was soon turned into a Parish Hall. It was a two floor structure. In later years the second floor was declared unsafe and they had to remove it from the building and made it into one floor. The hall served the parish for 38 years. A unique feature of this two story building was the town jail. There was an ironed barred area under the stairs used as the jail. A parishioner, Wilf Collier took the iron bars and made a lych gate for the front entrance walk of the Church.”

And here is more of the same story, taken from the church’s 65 Anniversary Pamphlet. Also note the Lych gate, which was partially made from the old jail cell…

West Edmonton Fire Hall - Story

Possible Photograph

This photograph cannot be confirmed as the 2 storey West Edmonton (Calder) Fire Hall yet, but I can say that it is not the Beverly Fire Hall (which was brick), it is not the wooden Strathcona fire hall (which looked very different) and is not the wooden Exhibition Grounds fire hall (which was 1 1/2 storeys, not 2) and it is certainly not Fire Hall No. 1 (which was built in 1893 of brick). I realize that the approximate year for the photo below is circa 1900, but that just doesn’t seem to fit. So, I still feel like this could be the fire hall/jail that Calder once had. I will research more before I give a certain answer though…

West Edmonton Fire Hall - Possible Photo

EdHGIS: Fire Insurance Maps & Google Earth Imagery (w/ Henderson Directory Pages)

West Edmonton Fire Hall - Map and Directory Pages

Click image for larger version.

Fire Hall No. 9 (12040 – 88 Street)

According to “The Edmonton Fire Department: A Pictorial History, 1892-1986” this fire hall opened in 1915, operated for three months and was closed in 1916 due to motorization.


Well, this is a different situation for me. There is no known photo of this fire hall, so all I can offer is the now view and the map showing where it was. If you have a photo of this one…even if it is a pile of bricks about to be hauled away…please contact me in the comments section below.

Google Streetview

No Known Photo - Fire Station No. 9 - 12040 88 Street - Now

EdHGIS: 1914 Fire Insurance Maps & Google Earth Imagery

No Known Photo - Fire Station No. 9 - 12040 88 Street - Completed 1915, Closed 1916 Due to Motorization

Fire Hall No. 2 (10016 – 104 Street)

Completed: 1908

Closed: 1961

The new Fire Hall No. 2 on 107 (built in 1992) has an old style to its architecture and its location is what one might expect for the city’s second fire hall, but this is neither the original building, nor the original location of Fire Hall No. 2. The original building dates over a hundred years ago and (before I get your hopes up for speaking the present tense) is gone. Check it out below and compare it to the new Fire Hall No. 2 as well (final image).

Circa 1910

PC006476 - Exterior view of a fire hall, firemen and horse-and-carriages in Edmonton, Alberta. - Fire Hall No. 2 - ca 1910


An addition was added later in the fire hall’s life.

nd-3-5126a - Fire Hall No. 2, Edmonton, Alberta. - 1930

Google Streetview

nd-3-5126a - Fire Hall No. 2, Edmonton, Alberta. - Now


Addition only…

nd-3-5126b - Fire Hall No. 2, 10016 - 104th Street, Edmonton, Alberta. - 1930

EdHGIS: 1914 Fire Insurance Maps & Google Earth Imagery

nd-3-5126a - Fire Hall No. 2, Edmonton, Alberta. - Map

New Fire Hall No. 2 (10217 – 107 Street : Google Streetview)

The architecture of this new fire hall fits in nicely with the remaining history in Edmonton’s downtown core, but it is too bad that the old fire hall had to be torn down at some point. Considering that this isn’t even at the same location, it’s not even as though it had to go for the sake of modernization. I wonder why Fire Hall No. 2 was torn down. Ideas?

nd-3-5126a - New Fire Hall No. 2 - Now

Edmonton Fire Hall No. 1, Town Hall & Police Station

Completed: 1893

Closed: 1930

The fire station was built in 1893 and served as Edmonton’s first town hall. Today the entire site is occupied by a curved driveway to an underground parking structure underneath Canada Place but the fire hall has been recreated at Fort Edmonton Park. Enjoy the photos and be sure to check out the overlay map at the end!

1903 (Looking West)

A7405 - Members of the Edmonton Fire Department. - 98 Street - 1903

1909 (Looking South)

A4533 - Fire Station No. 1 in Edmonton, Alberta. Firemen in front of garage door not identified. - 1909

1912 (Looking Southwest)

nc-6-203 - Fire Hall No.1, Edmonton, Alberta. - 1912

1914 (Looking Northwest)

nc-6-928 - Fire Hall No. 1, Edmonton, Alberta. - 1914

Circa 1910s (Looking Northwest)

A7404 - Fire engines and emergency vehicles outside the Edmonton Fire Hall. - 98 Street - After 1893

Google Streetview (Looking South)

The space once taken up by the Fire Hall and Police Station is now a non-descript driveway to an underground parking structure. If you want to see the Fire Hall you are better off to go to Fort Edmonton Park and view the recreation than come here.

Fire Hall No 1 Now

Google Streetview (Fort Edmonton Park)

Fire Hall No 1 Now Ft Edmonton Park

EdHGIS: 1914 Fire Insurance Maps & Google Earth Imagery (Looking West)

nc-6-928 - Fire Hall No. 1, Edmonton, Alberta. - Map