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Fire Hall No. 2 (10016 – 104 Street)

Completed: 1908

Closed: 1961

The new Fire Hall No. 2 on 107 (built in 1992) has an old style to its architecture and its location is what one might expect for the city’s second fire hall, but this is neither the original building, nor the original location of Fire Hall No. 2. The original building dates over a hundred years ago and (before I get your hopes up for speaking the present tense) is gone. Check it out below and compare it to the new Fire Hall No. 2 as well (final image).

Circa 1910

PC006476 - Exterior view of a fire hall, firemen and horse-and-carriages in Edmonton, Alberta. - Fire Hall No. 2 - ca 1910


An addition was added later in the fire hall’s life.

nd-3-5126a - Fire Hall No. 2, Edmonton, Alberta. - 1930

Google Streetview

nd-3-5126a - Fire Hall No. 2, Edmonton, Alberta. - Now


Addition only…

nd-3-5126b - Fire Hall No. 2, 10016 - 104th Street, Edmonton, Alberta. - 1930

EdHGIS: 1914 Fire Insurance Maps & Google Earth Imagery

nd-3-5126a - Fire Hall No. 2, Edmonton, Alberta. - Map

New Fire Hall No. 2 (10217 – 107 Street : Google Streetview)

The architecture of this new fire hall fits in nicely with the remaining history in Edmonton’s downtown core, but it is too bad that the old fire hall had to be torn down at some point. Considering that this isn’t even at the same location, it’s not even as though it had to go for the sake of modernization. I wonder why Fire Hall No. 2 was torn down. Ideas?

nd-3-5126a - New Fire Hall No. 2 - Now