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Edmonton Fire Hall No. 1, Town Hall & Police Station

Completed: 1893

Closed: 1930

The fire station was built in 1893 and served as Edmonton’s first town hall. Today the entire site is occupied by a curved driveway to an underground parking structure underneath Canada Place but the fire hall has been recreated at Fort Edmonton Park. Enjoy the photos and be sure to check out the overlay map at the end!

1903 (Looking West)

A7405 - Members of the Edmonton Fire Department. - 98 Street - 1903

1909 (Looking South)

A4533 - Fire Station No. 1 in Edmonton, Alberta. Firemen in front of garage door not identified. - 1909

1912 (Looking Southwest)

nc-6-203 - Fire Hall No.1, Edmonton, Alberta. - 1912

1914 (Looking Northwest)

nc-6-928 - Fire Hall No. 1, Edmonton, Alberta. - 1914

Circa 1910s (Looking Northwest)

A7404 - Fire engines and emergency vehicles outside the Edmonton Fire Hall. - 98 Street - After 1893

Google Streetview (Looking South)

The space once taken up by the Fire Hall and Police Station is now a non-descript driveway to an underground parking structure. If you want to see the Fire Hall you are better off to go to Fort Edmonton Park and view the recreation than come here.

Fire Hall No 1 Now

Google Streetview (Fort Edmonton Park)

Fire Hall No 1 Now Ft Edmonton Park

EdHGIS: 1914 Fire Insurance Maps & Google Earth Imagery (Looking West)

nc-6-928 - Fire Hall No. 1, Edmonton, Alberta. - Map