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Strathcona Ice Skating & Curling Rink (102 Street between 83 and 84 Ave)

Circa 1910s


Google Streetview


EdHGIS: 1914 Fire Insurance Maps & Google Earth ImageryImage


So, one of the two houses on the left of this picture are also in pictures from my John Doe Strathconan Collection. Check it out in later posts…


St. Anthony Roman Catholic Church (105 Street & 84 Ave)

The image below shows St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in about 1910. That brick veneered building is gone (displaced by a mid-rise) but the little wooden building behind it (just poking out) has been an unlikely survivor. This earlier version of St. Anthony’s is now restored and maintained at Fort Edmonton Park!

Circa 1910


Google Streetview


Circa 1910 Aerial (Looking NW)

And here is the whole area in the 1910s from another angle…











EdHGIS: 1914 Fire Insurance Maps & Google Streetview

105 Street & 84 Ave Church Map









Circa 1912 (Looking East)