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Industrial Exposition Grounds (Rossdale)

1899 (Looking SE)

EA-10-2160 - Exhibition Grounds on Ross Flats - IEG - Looking SE - 1899

1903 (Looking South)

EA-10-257 - Edmonton Fair - IEG Looking South - 1903

1904 (Looking East)

EA-10-245 - Taken from the Stock Sheds Exhibition Grandstand Exhibition Grounds Tents Rossdale - IEG - 1904

1905 (Looking East)

EA-10-2107 - Exhibition Grounds - Rossdale - IEG - 1900s

Sept 1 1905 (Inauguration Day)

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1906 (Looking South)

EA-10-3158 - Edmonton Auto Races - IEG Looking South - 1906

EdHGIS: 1907 Fire Insurance Map & Google Earth Imagery

Industrial Exhibition Grounds (Rossdale, 1907)

Compilation by #LostYEG, 1907 Map courtesy of Provincial Archives of Alberta, Satellite imagery courtesy of Google



Fleuri Perron General Store – St. Albert

Text taken from Alberta OnRecord:

Image depicts the general store that was built by the Brosseau brothers in 1892, then bought and operated by Fleuri Perron until it burned down in 1919. It was located on the south-west corner of Perron Street and Mission Avenue. Fleuri Perron is seen wearing a suit and standing in the centre of the photograph.

Circa 1890s-1910s


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