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Queen Alexandra – Duggan Street School (78 Ave & 106 Street)

This school officially opened in 1906 and was less than half its current size. At some point afterwards (early in its life) a mirrored addition and a new south wall were added. The Edmonton historical board has this to say of the school: “This school…was originally called Duggan Street School in honour of J. J. Duggan, former alderman, and Mayor of Strathcona. Built by Messrs. Pheasey and Batson, contractors who insisted upon craftsmanship, it is a fine example of turn of the century architecture. It was renamed Queen Alexandra School in 1910. The University of Alberta used this school as a campus, and as office of the President of the University, during 1908. Each year more students join the tens of thousands of students who have received a quality education at Queen Alexandra School.”

1910 (Looking SW)


Google Streetview


Circa 1910s