Questions and Feedback

Do you have an old photo you would like to submit for a #LostYEG post?

Perhaps a question about an Edmonton location or a photo you’ve been looking for?

Sound off in the comments below! 🙂

37 thoughts on “Questions and Feedback

  1. Ash

    fantastic website – but upsetting at the same time of course. Wish I could go back and see what everything was like before it all became parking lots – the city sure had a lot of class back in the day.

  2. Julie Rak

    Your site is fantastic! I have several questions. First, do you know anything about the Chisholm Block’s east side stores–I’m looking for info on Nye’s Books and Staionery. I also am curious about the stub of 100A St. that was cut off by the MacDonald expressway. It still has a single street light (which works) but nothing else but caragana hedges. What do old photos and fire maps show of that street? It would be a cool #lostyeg project to show that…

  3. Jeff Gibbons

    Amazing website! Thank you so much! The only thing I would change is the size of the photos once you click on them. I would love to see many of these photos in greater detail. Still, shuch a wealth of information and history!

  4. Corey

    NorQuest College is currently building a new building on the north end of the property. Have you encountered any building photos that where at one time on this property?

    1. forgottenedmonton Post author

      Hi Corey,

      A couple new posts on that site have been posted here to my main page (they are below the posts on banks and the hotel). I hope they are of use.


      1. forgottenedmonton Post author

        The old maps are part of a dataset I put together. I have been trying (on and off) to find a simple way to have it appear in a Google Maps window on my website (complete with address and name searching functions, etc.) but have had no luck. The dataset is rather large.

  5. Dan

    What I wouldn’t give to spend 24 hours walking around Edmonton in 1912. 🙂

    Where did you source the fire insurance maps? I’d be VERY curious to see what my neighbourhood looked like before it was condos and empty lots.


  6. Dan

    Thanks for the offer, bud.

    I’m around 108th street / 85th Ave. I understand there used to be a lumberyard there.

  7. Dan

    …and if you had any imagery pertaining to the history of the area currently occupied by the Strathcona Community Garden (between 105 and 106th streets, immediately south of the rail line) that’s be brilliant. We’ve found a lot of wire-impregnated safety glass while planting stuff, as well as shards and random bits of metal. I’m thinking it may have been an informal dump at one point. I’m told it’s swampy by nature – a low spot, and so zero development until the garden came along.

    Thanks for this, bud. It’s wonderful stuff.


  8. Kyle

    HI, I’m working on renovating Telus Park, just to the west of ATB Place on Jasper Ave. We’ve found the foundations of a couple of old buildings while digging there. Do you have any idea what they might have been?

    1. forgottenedmonton Post author

      Hi Kyle,

      Here is an overview map of the area as it appeared in 1914. The red represents brick and the yellow is wood construction. I have lined up the buildings as well as possible and am assuming you are working on the area within the red square.

      The theatre in the map image above was called the Garland Theatre and can be seen below.

      Here is the only post on #LostYEG I found with any of the buildings. The image at the bottom of the post shows a few, but I don’t have the time to research them individually.

      I would also highly recommend the City of Edmonton Archives (if you haven’t already contacted them).

      Kindest regards,


  9. Jill Garrett

    Hi Jaron,

    I’m so excited to have found this site. I’m a U of A alum as well, now in BC.

    I’m working on a novel set in 1913 Edmonton, based on true events. The people at the heart of my story lived in Norwood, and contemporary newspaper accounts describe the address as being on 2nd Street 1 block south of Norwood Blvd.

    From my own research into maps of the period, my best guess is that this is close to the current location of the Royal Alex? Would this have been considered part of the “Rat Creek” area at the time? Were the slaughter houses already gone, do you know?

    And finally, do you have any images of the houses in the neighbourhood from 1910-1913? All I seem to be able to find are pictures of the shops on Norwood Blvd, and I’d like to get a sense of what the “shacks” in the area looked like at the time.

    Thanks so much!

    1. forgottenedmonton Post author

      Hi Jill,

      I am not sure what slaughter housed you are referring to (Edmonton had many). As for this being part of the Rat Creek area, I am guessing not (as I think that would have terminated further east).

      I know of one possible image of the area but can’t seem to find it. At least I can share this map with you though. It doesn’t show everything (e.g. tents) but may help.

      I will add more if I find anything else but I don’t have much spare time. Any more details you can share may help as well.

      – Jaron

  10. Rob Boone

    I’m looking for pictures (or even a name) for an apartment building that used to be at 9548 105 street. I think it got torn down in the mid to late 90s. I used to live there.


      1. forgottenedmonton Post author

        Hi Rob,
        The building in the photos is north of 96 Ave so unfortunately the address you gave me is wrong. The address for that area today is 9614 105 Street ( Here is the 1953 Henderson Directory page for that area though. Its has an odd listing for 9600 105 Street; “Apartment Block (new)”. It is the best I can do for you for now. I would suggest contacting the City of Edmonton Archives, as they have later Henderson Directories available in their reading room. If this is the same building then we know it was built in 1953 and hopefully the 1954 Henderson will list its name.


  11. Nora

    I am looking for a detailed map view of Edmonton’s original China town by 97 Street and 101A Avenue. Specifically what businesses sprang up around there.

    Thanks for a great resource.

  12. Larry Brodie

    I was surprised (astounded!) to come across the House for Sale listing from 1912 for 10614 126 Street. It is now my house. My wife and I bought it in 1984, our 2 children grew up here, and we are still in it. Is there a way to get access to the highest quality version of this clipping? I would never have dreamed that this existed! So random!
    Thank You
    Larry Brodie

    1. forgottenedmonton Post author

      Hi Larry,
      I had hoped someone like you might come across one of these postings. I didn’t expect that to happen for months. This recent set of postings draws on the Peel’s Prairie Provinces Newspaper collection.

      Here is the direct link:

      If you look at editions of that paper from around the same period you might find the same ad repeated (and in better quality).

      Thanks for reading,


  13. David Bull

    I was born and raised here in Edmonton. Lived here for going on 70 years. First lived at 10717 – 100 Avenue, just east of the Aljenarm Apartments at 9945 – 108 Street, They were named after the first few letters of the Bull siblings, Alyce, Jennie, and Armour. We moved from there in 1952 to Glenora. Do you have any pics of those first two addresses? BTW, the family eventually sold the property to the provincial govt. which built Petroleum Plaza at the location. Just north, across 100 Avenue, I think, was the Shaughnessy Apartments (sp?). Pic? You site is great, though I’ve had one big lump in my throat as I look back through the years. Good work!

  14. Mike Boyd

    I am looking for any photos of the old Lakeview Dance Hall that stood on the south shore of Cooking Lake. It was built in 1930, operated until the late 70’s and was demolished in 1987. Photos of the inside or outside. I am preparing a detailed history for our local museum. I appreciate any help.

  15. Brian Bingham

    I own an original Fall 1961 to 1962 postage stamps catalog which I was given in 1962. The address on the front is Unity Stamp Store 207 Christie Grant Building,Edmonton,Alberta,Canada . When I was given the catalog someone had already cross off the 207 Christie Building and wrote in 502 Tegler Building. What was the exact location of the Christie Grant Building and do you have any pictures of it?

  16. Kate

    Hello Jaron,
    I have two business cards from The Leland Hotel circa 1938; they’re in tolerable condition. Each has Scottie dogs on one side, having a humorous conversation, and a street map on the other with the location of the hotel and the catchphrase, “Where Sportsmen Meet in Edmonton”. Are you interested in this type of ephemera? Cheers, Kate

    1. Yesterworld Post author

      This is definitely something that would be a welcome addition to #LostYEG. Would you like to scan them and post the scans on the #LostYEG Facebook page? Thank you for reaching out! 🙂


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