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Rossdale: Looking North in 1908



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Google Satellite

RossdaleJaronWilliams1908_watermarked_annotated - Now

EdHGIS: 1914 Fire Insurance Maps & Google Earth Imagery

RossdaleJaronWilliams1908_watermarked_annotated - Map

Points of Interest

1. Edmonton Ice Co

2. Diamond Park

3. First Street Hoist (Funicular Railway)

4. Edmonton Brewing & Malting Co

5. Grandview Hotel (100 Street – Not Rossdale)


The John Doe Strathconan Mystery Solved: 10120 84 Ave

So, I considered posting these images to Vintage Edmonton because looking at the EdHGIS maps was not working out for me. As I wrote in a prior post, I acquired a few rare original photos of Strathcona and Edmonton from the 1900s and wanted to figure out who took them and sent them to England. I had pictures of this person’s house but little idea of where it was (aside from an educated guess that it was east of 102 street and probably north of Whyte Ave.

So, then I decided to check the Henderson Directory for 1908. You see, directories in those days listed your residence and employer and I figured that with the number of images that this person took relating to “B&K” (some of which I did not win sadly), they were likely an employee. I then discovered that B&K was the Brackman-Ker Milling Co. Searching for Brackman in the 1908 Henderson brought up Percy Bartram, who was employed as a miller at this company and lived on the north side of 2nd Avenue North near 3rd Street East (84 Avenue west of 101 Street). This certainly fell into my geographic area and no other workers on that block! Looking at the map confirmed this was it! Check out the pictures of Percy Bartram’s house below along with the current view and map. 🙂

Winter 1908



Google Streetview


EdHGIS: 1914 Fire Insurance Maps & Google Earth Imagery


Final Thoughts

Percy Bartram only shows up in the 1908 and 1909 Hendersons online. He may be in earlier editions (at least 1907), but I am really not surprised that he disappears after 1909. It makes sense, considering that the photos being sold ranged from 1907 to 1909, that there would be no more years. So, this minor mystery appears to have been solved. This isn’t the end of the John Doe Strathconan Collection though. I still have more photos to post and I am sure that you will enjoy them. ***Spoiler*** You will see early Rossdale ***Spoiler***

Thanks for reading!

84 Ave: Looking East from 101 Street

This is another photo from my John Doe Strathconan collection. In addition to this photo I have already posted a photo he took in the modern-day area of King Edward School and I know that he took pictures of the Strathcona CPR tracks (which I could not afford to buy), so there is good evidence that John Doe lived east of 102 Street. On the other hand, he took pictures in the area of Walter’s Mill (which also were too rich for my blood), so I am not sure. Walter’s Mill was a fair bit west of the area seen below, so I am still left with a bit of a mystery.

Anyways, enjoy the picture below. I am not sure if there are any other pictures of this area in existence that are this old…

Winter 1908 & EdHGIS 1914/Today

JWilliams - Holy Trinity Church - 1908

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Google Streetview



1. Moravian Church: Under construction in 1908.

2. Holy Trinity Anglican Church: The original wooden church can be seen in the photograph. By 1914 it had been moved and the current brick church had been built in its place.

3. 9946 – 84 Ave: Formerly 412 – Second Ave North, this building is gone today but was matched to this site via the 1914 Fire Insurance Maps.

4. 9947 – 84 Ave: This is the house we see in the distance in the 1908 photo. In the photo it looks like it is just in front of the Moravian Church but it is actually a block nearer to the photographer.

101 Street (Looking North from 85 Ave)

I recently acquired part of a collection of photos of early Strathcona and Edmonton from England. My guess is that they were sent to family there by a settler here. Unfortunately my finances are limited, so I could not buy them all. Some beautiful images went into the hands of another collector. However, I did get ten photos and I will share them with you as I figure out their locations and possibly even figure out who sent these pictures. Here’s the first of the “John Doe Strathconan Collection” as I am tentatively calling these photos…

Looking at 101 Street at 85 Ave in 1907 and again over a century later you can see a lot of changes. Within a decade of the 1907 photo the Grandin Street School (right) had been replaced by the larger King Edward School (just west on the same lot). Today, the original school is gone and the houses in the background have mostly been replaced by apartments.

May 10 1907


Google Streetview


10049 – 87 Ave (Looking North)

This appears to be the only building that still remains from the 1907 photo. It has been significantly renovated but it is still there…