About #LostYEG

What is #LostYEG

#LostYEG was created by Jaron Williams. His belief is that every building has a story.

Using Google Earth and historic map imagery to connect photographs, newspapers, city directories and films together, Lost Edmonton recreates the Edmonton of yesteryear.

EdArch & EdHGIS

The content shared here is largely based upon Jaron’s work in the EdArch and EdHGIS projects. EdArch was an independent studies project Jaron did at the University of Alberta that drew together historic fire insurance maps, satellite imagery, photographs, directory pages and newspaper articles to recreate a section of Oliver (Edmonton) spanning the 1910s to the 1950s. EdHGIS was an outgrowth of the EdArch project and was completed with the guidance of Larry Laliberté (Jaron’s then supervisor). It used better software to recreate a large portion of 1910s Edmonton with fire insurance maps, satellite imagery and 1911 census data.


Most of the historical images shown are linked from institutions such as the Glenbow Museum, Provincial Archives of Alberta and City of Edmonton Archives. No copyright infringement is intended and, if you really like these images, it is highly recommended that you look at these institutions’ websites and consider buying prints.

Images with the mark #LostYEG or #ForgottenEdmonton are part of Jaron’s personal collection. Please do not remove their marks and be sure to link back to this website if you post one of Jaron’s photos elsewhere.

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