About The Author

Jaron Williams compiles and maintains the content on Lost Edmonton. He is an information professional based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

Jaron’s experience includes Archives, Records Management, Libraries, Historical Research and Customer Service. He has worked with numerous technologies and is especially interested in Geographic Information Systems, Digitization and Social Media Management.

You may have noticed that few of the posts on #LostYEG are very wordy – what they really do is bring images and information together. This is because Jaron is an archivist and librarian at the core. There is lots of interesting information on Edmonton’s history out there but much of it really only becomes enlightening when it has more context, so that is what Jaron does with #LostYEG – bring scontext by organizing information.

Jaron holds a Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) degree and a Bachelor of Arts; both from the University of Alberta.

Check out his profile on LinkedIn.

9 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. vinnyanderson

    Hi Jaron, I discovered your blog a few months ago and I’ve been checking back periodically. I have to compliment you on the excellent curation and research of your source material. My family has been in edmonton since 1895 and I remember many of the buildings and locations from family stories. I even remember having meals in the King Edward hotel, where Manulife Center stands now.


    Hi Jaron, I stumbled upon this website while looking for information and photographs of the Edmonton Bulletin. My grandfather (Charles Campbell) purchased the Bulletin in 1925 and published it until 1948 when he sold it to Max Bell of Calgary. My daughter wrote an article on the Bulletin for a University class if you are interested. I have been searching without luck for a picture of the Edmonton Bulletin building. The only photo I have found is of the wooden building now at Ft Edmonton Park. I am not even sure of the address of the Bulletin although I think it was near the Mac Hotel. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  3. sydney

    Hi Jaron,
    Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for this blog. I came across it whilst doing research on a project I am working on regarding the York Hotel (a perfect example of lost YEG if ever there was one). Increasingly, I feel like I am walking past ghosts in this city – so many of the buildings I remember growing up (and many my father described to me that were already gone when I was a kid) seem to echo in the streets. And I wonder more now than ever what we will retain of our history here.

  4. Jerry capatos

    Hello… I’m writing you in regards to a photo of Fort Rd 1912. I would like to obtain a large print of this can you help?
    Regards Jerry

    1. forgottenedmonton Post author

      Hi Jerry,

      I am guessing it is either a Glenbow photo or a Provincial Archives of Alberta photo. Reply to me with a link to the exact post you saw the photo on and I can let you know which institution to contact.



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