Gospel Mission (11409 – 96 Street)

A Postcard From Ethel Williams

The image seen here is the reverse of the photo (a postcard) seen below it. Ethel Williams stayed in the room noted by the Xs in the photo. Read on…

GospelMission114Ave96StreetJaronWilliamsReverse - Circa 1910s

Circa 1910s

GospelMission114Ave96StreetJaronWilliams - Circa 1910s - Watermarked

Google Streetview

The site of 11409 – 96 Street is now shared by a three-unit dwelling.

GospelMission114Ave96StreetJaronWilliams - Circa 1910s - Now

EdHGIS: 1914 Fire Insurance Maps & Google Earth Imagery

It looks as though the Gospel Mission got the chapel they were fundraising for in the older postcard. It can be seen on the right of this Fire Insurance Map. The Mission is the 2 1/2 storey brick dwelling seen in the center and I would be that the 1 1/2 storey wood building on the left was the building on the right in the older photo. Moving buildings was quite common in early Edmonton…

GospelMission114Ave96StreetJaronWilliams - Circa 1910s -Map

1914 Henderson Directory

Here we see more proof that the Gospel Mission got the funding they needed for the chapel (AKA Church of God).



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