2nd St. Albert Hotel (Perron Street – St. Albert)

Circa 1900


Google Streetview

A11605 - Exterior view of the Bruin Inn, St. Albert. Caption on photo reads Bruin Inn - P. McKay Prop. St. Albert - Alberta. Sept. 1930. Photographer is Smith. - July 10 1931 - Now

Circa 1910s

MHM mhm-2039-is-mhm-1013 - Second St. Albert Hotel - Before 1933

January 15 1908 (Interior)

MHM - Dining room in the St. Albert hotel, decorated for the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Romeo Farrell. Mr. and Mrs. Asselin were the proprietor's of the hotel at this time. - 1908

Circa 1900

MHM mhm-2039-is-mhm-587 - St. Albert Hotel Interior - 1900s



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