Church of England Boys’ Hostel (9729 – 106 Street)



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5 thoughts on “Church of England Boys’ Hostel (9729 – 106 Street)

  1. Connie Carr

    My grandparents operated this hostel and I believe they are on the left in this photo. They were Bert and Nellie Webb. My dad was one of the hostel boys.
    Connie Carr.

    1. Mark Sturman

      My Father was sent to this hostel in 1927 age 15. We are planning to come to Canada this year but i dont expect anything to be the same now. Is there anywere i can get details about the hostel?



      1. Connie Carr

        I asked a friend to assist us and he contacted the archivist ( She said that my grandfather Albert Charles Thomas Webb was superintendent from 1930 to 1936. The two previous superintendents were A.V. Harris and F.D. Ellis. She thinks that no records of the boys are still in existence. She suggested we could look in the Provincial Archives of Alberta at the Diocesan or All Saints’ annual reports. I no longer live in Edmonton so may not be doing this myself. I would be interested to know if your father could have still been at the hostel in 1930 when my grandparents arrived.
        The house at 9729 106 Street, where I lived with my family until about 1965, has unfortunately long ago been replaced by a high rise building.

  2. Michelle Bruce

    Hi, Connie,
    I have some ancestors that may have entered the boys hostel in 1928, names were William and Archibald Neil, Are you aware of any records that still may exist?
    thank you in advance
    Michelle Bruce

    1. Connie Carr

      Hi Michelle: your note did not come up until today although you wrote it last year. Please see my reply to Mark about the archivist. I was wondering if we should start a Facebook page for descendants.


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