Looking West from 104 Street in Strathcona (Between 83 and 84 Aves)

I found the image below posted to Vintage Edmonton’s Facebook page by Ron Smythe. There was some debate as to where it was taken and nobody was sure. So, here it is…

Circa 1910s


EdHGIS: 1914 Fire Insurance Maps & Google Earth Imagery



1. “New” St. Anthony’s Catholic Church

2. The original location and later location of the first St. Anthony’s Church (which is now preserved at Fort Edmonton Park on 1905 Street)

3. First Baptist Church

4. Niblock Street School: By 1914 this building had been replaced by another brick school (the Strathcona Collegiate Institute)

5. “Old” wooden Metropolitan Methodist Church: By 1914 this had been replaced with a brick church

6. 10454 – 84 Ave: This is the oldest home still in residential use in Edmonton (Built 1896)

There are many other buildings in the 1910 postcard but these are the most recognizable of them.

Mystery Solved… 😉


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