101 Street (Looking North from 85 Ave)

I recently acquired part of a collection of photos of early Strathcona and Edmonton from England. My guess is that they were sent to family there by a settler here. Unfortunately my finances are limited, so I could not buy them all. Some beautiful images went into the hands of another collector. However, I did get ten photos and I will share them with you as I figure out their locations and possibly even figure out who sent these pictures. Here’s the first of the “John Doe Strathconan Collection” as I am tentatively calling these photos…

Looking at 101 Street at 85 Ave in 1907 and again over a century later you can see a lot of changes. Within a decade of the 1907 photo the Grandin Street School (right) had been replaced by the larger King Edward School (just west on the same lot). Today, the original school is gone and the houses in the background have mostly been replaced by apartments.

May 10 1907


Google Streetview


10049 – 87 Ave (Looking North)

This appears to be the only building that still remains from the 1907 photo. It has been significantly renovated but it is still there…



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