Edmonton Ice Company (Currie Street – Rossdale Flats)

The office of the Edmonton Ice Co was at 143 Saskatchewan Ave (later 10001 – 97 Ave) but the majority of the operation (its warehouse) was on Currie Street (later 100 street). The Edmonton Ice Co was one of many companies in Edmonton that provided ice to Edmonton residents. You can see its office and warehouse and their location as it looks today in the images and maps below. This area of Rossdale has certainly changed in the last century, taking on a residential character versus its original commercial-industrial-residential mixed use!

Circa 1910s

Google Streetview

EdHGIS: 1914 Fire Insurance Maps & Google Earth

Currie Street (100 St) - Then and Now

Currie Street (100 St) – Then and Now (Click for large version)

YEGisHome had this to say of the ice companies of Edmonton:

“From the early days of the 20th century right through to the end of World War II in 1945, perishable foods were most often stored in iceboxes – insulated cubicles kept cool by a block of natural frozen ice. These blocks of ice were provided by several companies including the Edmonton Ice Company, established in 1899, and the Arctic Ice Company, set up in 1900.

Workers for the companies would cut big 50 to 100 pound chunks of ice out of the frozen North Saskatchewan River and then take them to their plants, where they were stored and shipped out to customers on wagons pulled by horses.”

You can read more about Edmonton’s lost Ice Companies here.


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